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Air Conditioning Installations

At Agile Electrical and Data we are licensed air conditioning installers. We can install your new air conditioner no matter which brand or we can supply a quality reputable Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner complete with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We offer free quotes on wall split air conditioners and can help you determine what size air conditioner will best suit the space with which the air conditioner is to be installed in.

Wall split air conditioning installation

Our air conditioning installation prices are based on a lowset back-to-back installation. Back-to-back installation refers to a wall split air conditioner with an indoor wall mounted unit with refrigeration pipes that run straight out of the back of the unit and down the wall to an outdoor condenser unit positioned directly below.

Wall split air conditioning system prices

Here is a list of our standard installation prices for a low-set home back to back installation. Prices do not include supply of air conditioners or a power circuit. All prices are GST inclusive.

1.7kW – 3.5kW inverter system $735.00
4kW – 6kW inverter system $795.00
7kW – 9.1kW inverter system $845.00

Standard installation prices include 3 metres of pipe and cables between indoor and outdoor units, 1 length of duct, and outdoor unit mounted on plastic or concrete slab or PVC mounting blocks.

For non-standard installations please see the list below of prices for various items and situations. All prices are GST inclusive.

Pipe run >3mtrs $80.00 per metre (includes extra pipe, cable, duct)
Highset home (second storey installation) $110.00
Wall brackets $120.00
Roof brackets $240.00
Material hoist/lifter (up to 3.6 metres) $310.00
Disconnection of existing air conditioner $165.00
Double brick wall $80.00
Asbestos walls Price quoted on request
Condensate pumps Price quoted on request

Power circuits for air conditioners

It is a requirement for most air conditioner manufacturers that each air conditioner has its own dedicated power circuit and safety switch. Failure to install a dedicated power circuit for a new air conditioner could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Below are our prices (including safety switch and isolator) for a new dedicated power circuit for your new air conditioner. All prices are GST inclusive.

20A circuit (up to 20 metres) $198.00
Power circuit run over 20 metres $10.00 per metre
Power circuit > 20A Price quoted on request