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Electrical Safety

At Agile Electrical and Data safety is our passion. Whether in your home, your workplace, a private or public area or building, your environment should be a space that is electrically safe and free from any issues which could cause damage or injury. Unfortunately too often the first sign of an electrical problem is when a major event occurs, such as a fire or electric shock. We can provide a range of services for your home or business which will assist in providing the safe environment you expect.

Electrical Inspections

We can provide regular periodic electrical safety inspections of your home or business. We check all aspects of the electrical system including the switchboard, lighting, power, all electrical equipment such as hot water service and air-conditioners, and provide a detailed report at the end which lists any issues we may have found.

Safety Switch Testing

Did you know that safety switches require regular testing? How often a safety switch requires testing to meet Australian and manufacturer standards depends on the type of installation or equipment they are installed in. Safety switches must also operate within a very fast time limit to meet Australian standards and this can only be measured with an appropriate meter. Business operators and owners must comply with the electrical obligations of the applicable Australian Standards and OH&S legislation. We can provide safety switch testing of your existing safety switches to confirm they comply with and meet all the requirements of applicable Australian Standards and OH&S legislation.

Smoke Alarm Testing

Have you checked you smoke alarms lately? Do they comply with the latest Queensland legislation? Smoke alarms have a usual working life of only 10 years and they should be inspected and tested regularly to confirm correct operation. We can provide regular inspection and testing of smoke alarms to confirm they are still in date, operate correctly and are installed in the locations required. See Queensland Fire & Emergency Services Smoke Alarm for more information.

Property owners/managers of residential rental properties have additional responsibilities/obligations under the new smoke alarm act. See RTA Smoke Alarms for more information of these requirements.

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Emergency & Exit Lights

We can conduct testing of emergency and exit lighting in commercial premises to confirm that the lighting meets the applicable Australian Standards and other legislation.